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     The Cornwall CTA is an overarching organizational fixture here in the town of Cornwall CT. Thanks to a partnership I established between our local government (specifically the Park and Rec), a private landowner (2 red clay courts), the local tennis club (2 clay and 2 omni courts) and the USTA (both NE and CT).  This dynamic grouping is living, breathing proof that targeted synergy is capable of accomplishing far greater impact than any effort undertaken individually. The guidance I have received from the USTA has been an invaluable asset as the strategy for growing the game requires continuous vigilance. I speak in particular of the field representation --CTA Directors, District representatives, Development Workshops, Junior Team Tennis, networking opportunities equipment grants and, most importantly, programming grants. I can’t enumerate the many times I have come to a crossroads and wished there were support for an idea only to find out the USTA had been studying the concept and was beginning to initiate programs – Tennis in the Schools (see 2 attached photos of k-high school participants) of , Junior Team  Tennis. High Performance Coaching (see attached photo of serve analysis) Workshops to name just a few. The programming that is available here in Cornwall can be best seen at the website I created (thanks to the hosting of the USTA) Here you will see the blend of Public and Private efforts to involve as many people as possible in Clinic opportunities, casual, friendly play as well as competitive, tournament settings. I refer you to the document uploaded titled Cornwall Tennis Awards to give you more insight into my philosophy as an educator and a provider of tennis.

     “Inclusion” has no equivalent in assessing progress for a community tennis program. When the dust settles and the season is over I measure my effectiveness as a leader by identifying areas where I meet or exceed the goal to reachout and bring people into the game. Each year as I begin the Grant request the USTA asks ‘potential number of people impacted by this grant?’. I am careful to identify a number that includes those I have already brought into the fold and a reasonable guess as to the numbers of new people that will be touched by my passion for the sport.  These most recent participants will likely be again a cross-section of the tennis playing public – weekend warriors, high school players, junior hopefuls, 10 and Under participants. I will also be in communication with parents that have an interest in the sport as a way to expose their child (or themselves) to something that might tweak their interest. I am particularly alert to this potential student as they represent the opportunity to introduce a completely new player to the sport.  It is this moment, the initial exposure, when the most benefit will come from a consistent and energized program. The investment the USTA NE makes in my program will go straight to the bottom line for maximizing the opportunity to have a well-trained and well equipped staff in order to give the program participants as exciting an initial experience as possible. The more grant monies available the better all aspects of the program and the more aggressive I can be to connect with a broader cross-section of potential participants.



Todd Piker

Founder, Cornwall Community Tennis Association Inc.