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Monday June 24-Thursday June 27


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MONDAY, June 24th thru THURSDAY June 27th

2 Clay Courts across from the Library.
$25 for all 4 one-hour lessons

We will notify you of your child's start time


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Information about Discount Week
To the Parents of Children in Cornwall 2018
Once again I will be offering tennis lessons in Cornwall. This will be the 19th year I have partnered with The Hubbard Family (owner of the two clay courts in Cornwall Village), the Town Park and Recreation Committee and the United States Tennis Association to bring to Cornwall an opportunity to learn the art of Tennis.
Tennis is a motor skill that can be learned like any other but it is imperative to demonstrate correct technique and oversee practice of learned skills. Not everyone that steps onto a tennis court will become an advanced player but everyone that would like to have an opportunity to "give it a try" is encouraged to take advantage of the DISCOUNT WEEK. In partnership with the United States Tennis Association we are utilizing new techniques from the QUICK START program. User-friendly equipment tailored to skill level is designed to make the experience a success from the beginning.
This program is available for 5 thru 18 year olds for $25 for 4 hour-long lessons: MONDAY June 24, Tuesday 25, WEDNESDAY 26 and Thursday June 27 from 8 am thru 12 noon at the 2 clay courts in Cornwall Village.
Space is limited so please fill the form at:
to reserve a spot as early as you can. The actual time of the
clinics will be based on the different ages that sign-up and I will
be in touch– via e-mail -- the week before the clinic begins. Historically,
the first clinic is for the youngest and begins at 8 am.
Todd Piker