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The saga of tennis players in search of a game is never-ending and practically impossible without some way to network.  This website was conceived as a means of connecting people that are tennis enthusiasts with others that enjoy the game.  On this particular page we undertake a daunting concept: FIND PEOPLE THAT PLAY AT A LEVEL THAT WILL CHALLENGE YOU. The most efficient way to find those players is to have an objective assessment of your skill level.


If you would like to become part of this experiment please fill in the FORM below and I (Todd Piker) will contact you to schedule a quick 15 minute "MEET AND HIT" as a way of gauging your level of play and placing you ino a category that will become a networking repository of other players at your level.


It will work as a ladder of sorts.  To move from one level up to the next you will have to beat 2 players in your category in consecutive outings. You can't beat the same player twice. If you lose 4 times consecutively it will mean I did a bad job of categorizing your skill level and we will set you down a level.

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